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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sarah from Sweetnessoverloaddd

Posted by The Craft Gossiper at 12:22 PM
Hi there! My name is Sarah and I'm the person behind sweetnessoverloaddd on YouTube! I am currently in my final year at university ^^ I love all things floral and cute and my favourite kawaii characters are Little Twin Stars and My Melody :) I'm a very simple & quiet person, but I love to get to know more people so shoot me a message anytime and I'll try my best to reply <3 I hope to get to know more people through this awesome blog!

Sarah is a wonderful, friendly personality and has over 2100 subscribers on YouTube. She has hit a whopping number of views on her creative channel mostly dedicated to clay. She creates such intricate clay pieces and her decoden work is definitely my favorite thus far. 

Sarah is camera shy so she included one picture of herself. Isn't she pretty?
Realistic Ice Cream Tutorial
Watch it HERE
Valentine's Day Decoden
Watch it HERE
Adorable Resin Pieces by Sarah
1. At what age did you start crafting?
I started when I was little, I can't remember the exact age, but my family has always been crafty so they influenced me ;)

2. Tell us how you decided to make videos for YouTube.
I had been watching some crafters on youtube for a while (random trivia: cutetanpopo was the first person I watched!) and decided to give it a go!

3. What is your main goal on YouTube as a crafting guru?
I'm no guru, but I just wanna inspire people and share with them some of my crafty ideas ^^

4. What kind of videos do you make on YouTube?
I make crafting videos ranging from polymer clay charm tutorials, sewing videos, baking videos, DIY kit walk-throughs, you name it!
My channel is a space for pretty much anything creative... also aspiring to give viewers an overload of sweetness (HEH) 8)

5. Do you sell your creations?
Yes, as well as other craft supplies on my store.

6. What are other hobbies you have besides your forte?
Spending time with loved ones, reading, listening to music! But really, most of my time is spent crafting because I am currently living away from home for university (*sobs*) so without my loved ones, I just like to coop in my room and craft! Not that I'm complaining ;)

7. How long do you see yourself on YouTube?
For as long as I am able to! Forever? Maybe? Hehehe

8. What are your thoughts on the crafting community on YouTube?
I'm happy that it's tight-knit, but I feel that it can sometimes be a little intimidating. When I first started I didn't quite know who to ask for advice!! I'm so happy that this blog is being set up to finally put some organization to the whole community ;) Kudos to Lisa and team! It's going to help a bunch!

9. User savvy tips for future craftubers?
Plan your videos and don't rush through filming/editting ...enjoy the process and if you had planned to film, but on that day don't feel like it, don't force yourself to!
p/s - This is not a tip, but I'm welcome to all PMs so ask away if you have any questions :)

10. Inspiring message for us and your viewers?



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Wooo love for crafting makes the world go roundddddd -des

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Thank you everyone :) hugs for you all! xxx
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