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We are always looking for new YouTube craft personalities to watch and to share them with everyone else. If you would like to nominate someone for us to feature, simply fill out the form by clicking on the link below. Please take note that we receive many requests daily, hence we might take sometime to reply and get back to your requests. To nominate someone, they must have the following criteria to ensure our readers are guaranteed quality and consistent content.

1) Must have at least 500 subscribers 
This ensures that they have a following and provide quality content for viewers
2) Must upload regular videos on YouTube
We wouldn't want our readers following a YouTube craft personality who only makes videos once a month!
3) Must be child friendly
Strictly no adult and vulgar content.

If you would like to recommend someone who has amazing talent and deserves more subscribers and views but only have a subscriber count below the 500 mark, kindly send us an E-Mail and our staff will review the channels for quality check before we place them under our Stars  In The Making column.

If you have met the above requirements, what are you waiting for? Submit your Star today and we will put it up for board reviews before it is approved to go live on our blog.
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