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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Aubrey from DazzleDIY

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Hello, my name is Aubrey.  I’m almost 20 years old, living’ the college life and studying Graphic Design in the state of Ohio!  I love everything artsy, colorful, and crafty!

Aubrey has over 4100 subscribers under her belt to date and garnered over 190 000 views on her YouTube channel videos. She has a flawless editing style and often gives you the itch to dance to her awesome music choice. I am definitely a fan and I can't wait to see where she will go with her channel in the future. Definitely recommended for fashionistas and home decor fanatics.

Talented Owner of DazzleDIY, Aubrey
I love this picture of Aubrey!
DIY Magazine art
Watch it HERE
DIY Bedazzled Liquor Bottles
Watch it HERE

1. At what age did you start crafting?
Aubrey : Ever since I could remember!

2. Tell us how you decided to make videos for YouTube.
Aubrey : I started by watching beauty gurus and I thought it was so cool that they could just upload a video to YouTube and teach people how to do their hair and makeup.  I truly learned a lot from them and am still learning because they are so good at it!  Then I thought to myself, “Hey, I make a lot of unique crafts, why not start a Youtube craft channel? I could probably teach people a couple of things.” So I started making videos!

3. What is your main goal on YouTube as a crafting guru?
Aubrey : My main goal is to give people inspiration--- to think outside the box and use their creativity.

4. What kind of videos do you make on YouTube?
Aubrey : Random Crafting, Home Décor, Organization Tips&Tricks, School DIYs and Fashion DIYs.

5. Do you sell your creations?
Aubrey : No.

6. What are other hobbies you have besides your forte?
Aubrey : I’m constantly doing different things, but for right now, I’m focusing on school for the most part.

7. How long do you see yourself on YouTube?
Aubrey : For as long as I enjoy doing it! (Which is probably a long time!)

8. What are your thoughts on the crafting community on YouTube?
Aubrey : I think it’s AWESOME! Hopefully, we can be as popular as the beauty community!

9. User savvy tips for future craftubers?
Aubrey : Just do what you want to do. Go in the direction you want to take.

10. Inspiring message for us and your viewers?
Aubrey : Be original, be creative, be yourself, and have fun!

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Ruth said...

Aubrey your so pretty ♥ !!!
Show your beautiful face to the world

CmeTrend said...

I love aubrey's videos <3 <3

Cassandra delamode said...
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Cassandra delamode said...

Youn are very awesome

Anonymous said...

Hey i <3 your videos. Could you make a diy duck tape wallet? Thanks ;)

xuan hoa ta said...

Audrey has stopped posting videos for a long time. Do u know what happened? :((

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