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Advertising Services:

Ad side bar space:
190x190 pixel
1 Month : 10 USD
2 Months : 15 USD
3 Months : 20 USD

Written Advertorial 
Price: 15 USD
- Pictures in Jpeg format (2-3 photos or more)
- You may also provide a video of your product
*Requires 3 days to complete and publish.
An advertorial is a short write-up compared to Review write ups.
Advertorials are written in a creative way, used to announce / call-to-action to promote and publicize your creative blog shops, blogs,channel and social network

If you have further inquiries, please e-mail me at thecraftgossiper@gmail.com

We do not do full reviews, unless items are tested by the editor herself to prevent fraudulent and inaccurate reviews to our readers. We are stringent with providing accurate review write ups on blog shops to remain true to our ethics and principals. If you would like a full review on your blog shop, kindly email us and we will get back to you on full details.  

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