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Friday, March 22, 2013

Katrin From KatrinKawaii

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Hi! My name is Katrin. I am a fifteen year old girl from the Faroe Islands – a tiny country way out in the north Atlantic. I live with my mum, dad, little brother and cat in the capital, T├│rshavn.
I love to do pretty much any type of crafting, but polymer clay is definitely my favorite  When I am not crafting or making videos, I like to read and watch 'nerdy' movies – such as “The Lord of the Rings”, “Batman” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” - with my little brother.
I am currently in ninth grade, which is the last required year of school where I live. Next year I will be going to high school, majoring in social science, which I am very excited about :)

Katrin is a stunning craft artist with so much talent. She now has a total of over 2300 fans on her YouTube channel with over 100 000 in views. Katrin has the cutest polymer clay creations and I simply love her personality. She does not do your normal looking clay items, but takes a different twist to the things she makes which I find really refreshing. She is definitely one to watch in the craft scene.

Maker behind her awesome crafty videos

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ale from Craftsbyale

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My name is Alejandra but my friends call me Ale (Ah-leh) hence craftsbyALE. I am 14 years old (15 on March 24 dont forger that!) I was born in Florida (and have never moved) but none of my parents nor grandparents nor great parents were American. My dad's Portuguese and my mom's Venezuelan. I have 3 other siblings so its a family of 6. I have two older brothers and a younger sister. I make plushies and polymer clay items and enjoy it oh so much! 

If you ever came across Ale's channel, you would notice her cheerful disposition before anything else. She has a great talent for DIY and makes the cutest kinds of creations, you would be hooked before you even know it. To date, Ale has over 770 subscribers on YouTube with 40 000 views on her channel and is gaining a huge following. She is a true inspiration with her style and demeanor. 

Ale wearing her very own Tortoro Hat

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sarah from Sweetnessoverloaddd

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Hi there! My name is Sarah and I'm the person behind sweetnessoverloaddd on YouTube! I am currently in my final year at university ^^ I love all things floral and cute and my favourite kawaii characters are Little Twin Stars and My Melody :) I'm a very simple & quiet person, but I love to get to know more people so shoot me a message anytime and I'll try my best to reply <3 I hope to get to know more people through this awesome blog!

Sarah is a wonderful, friendly personality and has over 2100 subscribers on YouTube. She has hit a whopping number of views on her creative channel mostly dedicated to clay. She creates such intricate clay pieces and her decoden work is definitely my favorite thus far. 

Sarah is camera shy so she included one picture of herself. Isn't she pretty?

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