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Welcome to The Craft Gossiper. My name is Lisa and I am the founder of this blog. I love tea, confetti and quirky finds. Most of all, I am an avid crafts person and i dedicate most of my free time into creating new things from old ones and being inspired by others who dedicated their time doing the same.
I  find myself always lurking on the internet to find something new to do and YouTube was my first go to place to get updated with the latest craft trends, tutorials and best yet, to be able to get to know the people behind these videos. I then decided to create a blog dedicated to introducing other people around the globe to these awesome videos and the personalities behind them so that in a way we are all connected through a crafty adventure together. We always find people doing blog write ups about beauty YouTube personalities and music related personalities but never about crafts. I guess that there is a first for everything and I would love if my website became a hub where everyone can turn to, to find their favorite craft YouTubers.
This blog will be dedicated solely to craft, DIY Projects and the people who create them. I will be doing lots of interview features with YouTube craft personalities so that we not only know them for their crafts, but also know them for their motivation, drive and inspiration. Along the way, I will also be posting great finds from individual bloggers who create the most wonderful things because hey, I have to admit that I am definitely a sucker for all things pretty especially when they are made by hand.
So thank you for stopping by and leaving wonderful comments. If you have a YouTube Craft Star you would like to submit, simply head to our  SUBMIT A STAR  page, and we will somehow arrange a sweet interview to post on our blog. Until then, stay crafty and inspired!

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