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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Star of The Month UPDATES : MARCH

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The month of March is approaching fast and we will soon have our first 7 girls launching Craft Gossiper by filling out our very first YouTube Craft Stars interview section! I am truly excited about this website and for those of you who who do not know what The Craft Gossiper is about, this is a website built solely on passion for craft. For many years myself and Elle who is the co-editor of this blog, have been browsing and learning off tutorials on YouTube. Then we realized that the craft community on YouTube is getting larger and do not get as much attention as they should. Hence, we decided to built this site to gather and unite all craft YouTube personalities for DIY fanatics on the internet and make it a place where people from all walks of life can interact and find new people to watch and get creative with. This is a network for all craft artists alike to shine and a place to get to know personalities behind their amazing video tutorials. 

We will also be featuring tips and tricks from various artists on how to break it out on YouTube and many other educational insights in order to become the next YouTube Craft Star. Being an artist is all about creativity and we would love to be a part of a sharing community who help others break out and get noticed. 

Every month, a total of 28 YouTube craft personalities will be chosen to get featured with a complete interview, some photo snaps of their artwork and a short biography just so we can get to know them a little better. At the end of the month, our editors will then sit down and go through each and every interview feature for that month and carefully analyze their videos on YouTube based on several pointers like
1. Originality
2. Creativity
3. Engagement
4. Personality
5. Video quality
6. Video Editing quality
7. Clarity of Tutorial (whether step by step instructions on your tutorials are easy to follow)

Being able to create content that fully engages your audience is the most important aspect of making a video on YouTube. Audiences are captured by a video for different reasons and we would like to help the craft community to create content that is of high quality and engaging to their fans. This contest was created with the sole reason of helping all content creators that are featured on our blog to be able to improve in the aspects given above thus getting a larger audience and traffic to your channel. Furthermore, we also would like to give out small gifts and prizes for those who are chosen along with many other perks that come with this blog as listed below.

1. Content Creators will benefit in terms of improvement. This contest will give a renewed passion to create betterment in making video tutorials

2. Winner of each month will be guaranteed an ad space 190x190 on our sidebar for 1 month of their channel, shop or blog (1 choice among the 3)

3. Contest winner will have the logo below on their interview post which is permanent and non removable. 
4. Contest winners will also have an avatar picture of them on our sidebar located on the left under Star of The Month column with a direct link to their YouTube Channel to create more traffic, viewership and engagement.

5. Contest winners each month will also have a whole write up post on them and why we think they deserved the Star of The Month title. 

6. Sometimes, we may also give out prizes in forms of craft supplies, vouchers for online shops and if it is a special occasion, cash prizes. However this is only subject to availability and not applicable every month as it involves expenditures on our side. However we will definitely try our best to give something out every month!


1. Ad space in our sidebar 190x190 pixels for one month of your shop, channel OR blog.
2. Special write up by Elle, on why we chose you to be featured on our blog.
3. 3 STARS logo to be placed on your interview post.
4. Picture avatar of you and a direct link to your YouTube channel on our sidebar under the Star of The Month title.
5. A big banner or picture of you on our blog mid section with direct link to your online shop, blog or YouTube channel ( banner is located right above blog posts on our front page)
6. Finally, a small gift from Elle and myself as shown below!

We wish GOOD LUCK all the 28 YouTube craft artists this month who are going to be featured on our blog starting on the 1st of March with our first 7 craft stars from YouTube! Look forward to their interviews as we have chosen a great line up to debut our blog ! Make your tutorials count this month and always using all the pointers given above and you might just be Our Star of the Month!  Till then stay craft and inspired always!

xoxo Lisa



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