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Friday, March 1, 2013

Carmen from CarmenPay Craft

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I'm just a normal girl who just joined the craft community around June last year. I love to try all kinds of craft but I totally love to make plushies because they are cute. I make felt plushies and also amigurumi. I love both as much but amigurumi takes more time than felt plushies. I wish to share with everyone my love for craft.

Carmen is such a colorful and cute Asian girl who originates from Malaysia and recently started doing voice over tutorials to further engage her viewers with higher quality tutorials. She has over 830 subscribers on YouTube and it is so clear that all her fans absolutely love her work. Carmen has a different take on the things that she makes and from what I see, she loves fairy tales and translates them into mini felt and amigurumi plush toys. Her recent dedication to her subscribers by taking a step forward and trying voice over tutorials shows how passionate she is about spreading the word of craft on YouTube and is absolutely  amazing ! Definitely worth the subscribe for a rising star with talent like  hers.

Proud of her brand!
Beautiful Carmen poses for the camera just for The Craft Gossiper! We are honored
Gloomy Bear Tissue Pouches
Watch it HERE
Sweet Macaroon Plushies
Watch it HERE

1. At what age did you start crafting?
Carmen : I started sewing at the age of 8 but it was mostly sewing buttons. I started making plush last year around June, when my sister asked me to make her a dragon plush (which was hard to find)and I m stuck with it till now cause I totally love making them.

2. Tell us how you decided to make videos for YouTube.
Carmen : I think it is fun to share with other the joy that plushies bring. Plus, Aiko (HapyFriendsShoppe) encouraged me to start making tutorials and it is really awesome.

3. What is your main goal on YouTube as a crafting guru?
Carmen : For more people to be able to make plushies and bring more joy to the people all around the world.

4. What kind of videos do you make on YouTube?
Carmen : Mostly plushies tutorials and also updates on them.

5. Do you sell your creations?
Carmen : Yes I do sell them in my Storevy

6. What are other hobbies you have besides your forte?
Carmen : Hm……….watching anime, dramas, series and etc. ( I am a couch potato I guess) ^-^

7. How long do you see yourself on YouTube?
Carmen : I guess it depends on the viewers, as long as there are views I will keep on making them.

8. What are your thoughts on the crafting community on YouTube?
Carmen : Crafts are fun to make and there are a lot of creative people out there that need to come forward and share their work with the world.

9. User savvy tips for future craftubers?
Carmen : Essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail. Keep up the good work and learn from mistakes and other craftubers. Then more subbies will come your way.

10. Inspiring message for us and your viewers?
Carmen : When we wake up in the morning, we have two simple choices. Go back to sleep and dream, or wake up and chase all your dreams. Choice is yours… So what are you waiting for?  Go chase them all.

Carmen blogs at CarmenPay Crafts
Subscribe to her YouTube Channel


Bubs said...

Yay! Awesome interview Carmen. Your Inspiring message really touched me.

Hapy Friends Shoppe said...

/fangirlstart AWESOME CARMEN! Congratulations!! you are an inspiration /fangirlend
LOL! <3

Kris Crafts said...

I am so pumped you are all on here!! You deserve the attention and spotlight! Yayyyy love you <3

Kris Crafts said...

I am so pumped you are all on here!! You deserve the attention and spotlight! Yayyyy love you <3

Kris Crafts said...

I am so pumped you are all on here!! You deserve the attention and spotlight! Yayyyy love you <3

shivani karwal said...

Very inspirational :) I am new at making plushes but will learn them from your tutorials! :)

CarmenPay Craft said...

thx all

Diem Tran said...

yay for being couch potatoes~

CraftsByAle said...

Your are so amazing!

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