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Friday, March 1, 2013

Aiko from Hapy Friends Shoppe

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I am really just a 20 something who enjoys shamelessly plugging my name on the internet with crafty videos that are made to inspire and unite people of all ages, beliefs and differences. Craft is my life. I haven't a clue on where I would be if not for it. My life revolves around dreamlike fantasy creatures with big googly 'kawaii' eyes that often translates into my felt tutorials and made immortal with a needle and thread. I have a quirky fashion sense which defines my style and I speak 6 languages just so to confuse my friends who are often wide eyed when I do so.

Aiko has over 5800 subscribers on YouTube with more than a quarter million views. Aiko channels her energy into making felt craft and fashion related tutorials for her viewers. Her blog has almost 100 000 views since her debut on the internet in 2012.  Aiko prides herself in making videos that are dreamlike and ethereal. She transports her viewers into a world of fantasy and creativity with her video editing and has soft mellow music to set the mood just right as she mentioned in her interview with me. She creates the most beautiful jewelry pieces I have ever seen and it was my honor indeed to stumble upon her channel on YouTube.

Aiko sent me this picture at a last minute note. What a cute hat!
Aiko is well known for her dreamlike pictures on her blog and social networks.
One of her latest popular DIY Fashion tutorials on YouTube.
Watch it HERE
This has to be the cutest cupcake plush on planet Google! 
Watch it HERE

1. At what age did you start crafting?
Aiko : I started crafting at a young tender age of 4. I remember my mom giving me colored construction paper to paste on a huge rabbit drawing and hanging it up on the wall later. It was fun!

2. Tell us how you decided to make videos for YouTube.
Aiko : To be honest, I never really thought YouTube would have been this much of a serious commitment. About a year ago, I met with an accident. I was the only one that got out unscathed, but all my friends who were in the car with me broke bones and were badly injured to the point it was life threatening. I took it as a sign and calling to do something different. To do what I always wanted. To be an artist.

 All my life, I always prioritized my career and never had any time to sit down and appreciate the beauty of life around me. I never took the time to thank and love because my entire being was filled with work related issues practically 24 hours a day.   You tend to set aside a list of priorities that are money related when you are trained to be a career forward individual in today's society. I was no different. After the accident, I figured that this was a second chance at life, so it would be best to live it to the fullest and do the things that made me happy. I started with a blog on craft, showcasing my handmade jewelry. That's where I really started having fun and began putting up more blog posts, eventually I opened a mini online jewelry shop on my blog and that took off fairly well. Soon I decided that it wasn't enough. I wanted to share my work with everyone else and teach. So that's when YouTube came to be. I had no views or subscribers for the first month, but I still was adamant and wanted to push on. 2 months down the road, I hit my first 100 subscribers and the rest they say is history. YouTube is definitely a huge part of my life now. Lets drink some juice to that!

3. What is your main goal on YouTube as a crafting guru?
Aiko : Wouldn't call myself a guru. I am more of a friend to my viewers and subscribers. Now that we are moving into an era where things are so forward and move fast, I would like my videos to be something that takes everything back a notch. Where people can sit down, relax and be inspired to dig into their creativity and start living a happier lifestyle through art. Through my videos, I also want to be a figure to those who are younger and older that nothing is impossible if there is a little patience, hard work and passion put into doing something that you love and care about.

4. What kind of videos do you make on YouTube?
Aiko : I make felt craft tutorials. Mostly plush toys and also DIY fashion tutorials. Once in a while when I get a craving to channel my inner Hollywood, I create short films based on issues that I am passionate about. Mostly awareness projects and so forth.

5. Do you sell your creations?
Aiko : Yes I do sell my handmade jewelry creations online on my blog. I'm really happy with them!

6. What are other hobbies you have besides your forte?
Aiko : I love photography. I love taking snaps of random things that are personal to me. Later, I spend a whole day editing them into dreamy little pictures that I call my own. I do clay once in a while, I play the guitar, piano, flute and I sing once in a while in the bathroom while my brother sits outside and laughs hysterically at me.

7. How long do you see yourself on YouTube?
Aiko : Hopefully till I am old enough to wear dentures! YouTube has changed my life in so many ways, and it would be an honor if I could do it for just a little longer.

8. What are your thoughts on the crafting community on YouTube?
Aiko : I think it is still really fresh and has a ton of space for even more creative content creators. The craft community is a small community but is  it is growing fast especially with more people tuning in and watching craft related tutorials. Also, I think we are all really close in the craft community which is priceless!

9. User savvy tips for future craftubers?
Aiko: In order to gain a good following on YouTube, it is definitely original and great content. Good quality HD recordings do help too and it doesn't need to be from an expensive camera. My first few tutorials were from a HD webcam and later on as I got more serious on YouTube, I then switched over to a professional video camera. Another thing that most people often forget is to never emulate another personality on YouTube, find your style, dig into the quirkier you and portray a fresh new look on the type of niche that you want to cater to. Building a blog to support your channel is also another way to go far as a figure on YouTube as it opens a pathway to different methods of reaching your content. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are fantastic, but a must for craft artist would definitely have to be Pinterest. It is just a hub of crafty goodness!

 10. Inspiring message for us and your viewers?
Aiko : Dreams are often more profound when they seem the most crazy. Keep dreaming and believing! And working on your talent of course! PEACE!

Aiko blogs at Hapy Friends Shoppe
Subscribe to her YouTube Channel
Visit her online shop HERE
Official Facebook Page


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Keep up the good work gal

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As my BFF would say... AWESOME SAUCE! I think you know her. ;)

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I saw your tweet!! Congrats aiko! i never knew you spoke 6 languages!

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You have taught me so much through your videos! Crafting has become such a big happy part of my life and I feel you helped me with that. You deserve this.. hugzzz <3

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if its one person who deserves this..its definitely you. you have been my go to girl for felt crafts!

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Very interesting! I loved reading it and learned so much more about you :)

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<3 AIKO!

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Wow, after reading this, you inspire me so much more. I love your videos and congrats because you trully deserve it. ♥

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Congrats Aiko! You are so inspirational and awesome ;D keep up the good work!

<3 S. Rice

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you are one amazing chic! Keep up the videos and never stop

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love the whole interview and love you :)

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The most amazing thing to walk this Earth <3

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I think that the stuff that Aiko makes is so kawaii :3 She is such an inspirational person!

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